August News

Tohatsu Power - Summer 2015

We hope this letter finds you all well, and boating happily, if not ... we’re on it!


As the summer winds down, please keep us in mind for your winterizing, mooring and storage needs. And, of course, if you know someone who is looking for service in any of these areas, please tell them to call us.


*    Engine Sales
We’ve sold another two Tohatsu engines this summer!  Please spread the word, and keep these engines in mind if you are thinking of re-powering, whether big or little.  To our new engine customers thank you for your business!


*    Hauling/Winterizing
When you are ready, please let us know what/when/how/if you will need our end of season services. Forms, for those who want to use them, going out next month. Otherwise, call or email.


*    Off Season Services
As you might suspect, the off-season is a great time for those projects you’ve been putting off.  If you need woodwork re-finishing, fiberglass repair, re-wiring, or want to add some fun things to the boat, please let us know.


*    Storage
Please also remember that we have winter and summer storage available for HMR customers. Three (or more) months’ storage with us includes a 15% discount on commissioning and winterizing services!


Did you know? As a ‘thank you’ for your service, we offer a 15% discount to all US Veterans?