A Native Story


An island native, HMR owner Jeff Sayle, was raised on Nantucket, and has strong family ties to the Island. His grandfather, Charles Sayle, moved to the island in the 1920s and established himself as one of the island's foremost artisans, becoming part of the fabric of the Island. Famous for his carvings of the whales of the ocean, as well as his ivory carvings, which then came to adorn many Nantucket Lightship baskets, Charlie Sayle started a trend that continues over 70 years later. Charlie Senior's work can be seen in the Nantucket Historical Association's Whaling Museum, in the Lightship Basket Museum, and adorning lightship baskets, shops and restaurants around the Island and the world.


Jeff's parents began their own lightship basket weaving and ivory carving business in the 1970s and since then, Nantucket Lightship Baskets' products have grown to be considered some of Nantucket's most well-crafted and sought-after.


Jeff has made a career out of "playing" with car engines, lawnmowers, and outboards. You name it and he's probably tried his hand at it. In the late 1990's, Jeff started Harbor Marine Repair. Years of owning boats, working on engines, growing up on the water, scalloping, clamming, fishing and sailing in and around Nantucket have made Jeff into one of the most experienced mechanics on-island.


Jeff is creative and humble and works with precision and care. He has built his business through a reputation for fair pricing and results. And as with his grandfather and father, his honesty and integrity have stood him in good stead, becoming one of the main reasons customers return.


Together, Jeff and his wife of 18 years, Kate Ranney Sayle live and work on Nantucket while rasing their three children.